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Slaithwaite is one of Huddersfield’s hidden gems, sat at the bottom of the sweeping hills of the Colne Valley, it’s a must-visit. ‘Slawit’ as the locals call it, features a picturesque canal, several textile mills, including the newly refurbished globe mills, and the most perfect artisan shops and cafes.

In 2021 Slaithwaite was named the best place to live in the North and North East by the Times – Slaithwaite is an exciting place to work, live or visit.

The village is situated in between Marsden and Linthwaite, two other villages which make up a group of villages called the Colne Valley. Getting to Slaithwaite is relatively easy, both from the Huddersfield and Manchester side, and has plenty of options for parking. Slaithwaite train station is easy to access and has frequent trains running, public transport is a great option for visiting Slaithwaite.

There’s plenty to do in Slaithwaite too, with a plethora of food and drink, walks, galleries and culture.

Food & Drink In Slaithwaite

Slaithwaite features several bars, restaurants and cafes that are well worth a visit. Whether you want something to eat through the day, or a drink in the evening – Slaithwaite has a lot to offer. 

From burgers, to freshly made pizza, to award-winning currys at Destination. Slaithwaite makes the perfect walk. With the river colne passing through it, and the beautiful Huddersfield Narrow Canal makes the perfect walking destination.

The History Of Slaithwaite

Slaithwaite was previously a national hub for textile businesses. Two large mills distinctively stand out in the village, Spectrum yarns, which is still active today, and Globe Mills that has recently transformed from textiles to a multi-faceted business hub.

Slaithwaite, alongside Huddersfield was known globally for its fine worsted cloth, something that the village is very proud of today.

Slaithwaite Moonraking Festival

Slaithwaite is home to a well-known festival called the Moonraking festival. That of a 19th century legend, the Huddersfield villages holds integrity to a tradition that spans 

The week-long celebration, which always takes place during the school half-term week, ends with a parade of lanterns around the picturesque village, and a finale by the canal in the centre of the village, just outside of the Globe Mills.

Visit Slaithwaite’s dedicated website.

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