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Otso Clothing

The clothing brand embodies a profound connection with nature, personified by Otso, the bear spirit of folklore.

The brand’s core belief is that authentic well-being springs not only from one’s lifestyle but also from the satisfaction derived from attire and its production process. This ethos is underscored by an unwavering focus on superior quality and sustainability in all endeavors.

Otso maintains a close rapport with Earth’s inhabitants. This commitment reflects in the brand’s practice of crafting garments adhering to FairWear ethical standards in India, followed by local screen printing and hand-finishing in Slaithwaite, Huddersfield. This twofold approach ensures equitable remuneration for overseas families and concurrently nurtures local independent businesses.

The brand perceives sustainable fashion as transcending mere adoption of environmentally friendly materials and techniques. It embraces the notion of fashioning attire that transcends trends, boasting longevity and enduring quality. With an eye to the future, the brand’s designs are geared to withstand the test of time, reflecting an ethos that views investing in enduring apparel as an investment in the times ahead.

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