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Honley is a lively and characterful village in the Holme Valley area, home to some impressively kept Victorian buildings and charming cobbled streets. It’s a great place for an afternoon of food and drink, with a densely packed combination of modern and traditional pubs and restaurants.

Honley is only 10 minutes drive into Huddersfield Town Centre and has easy access to some other villages full of things to do.

Being an extremely welcoming and lively village, it’s the perfect place to visit if you live nearby or you’re passing through. Honley has its own train station, but there’s also plenty of ways to access it by road and lots of parking space available

There’s a lot to do in this up-and-coming village, as it’s a hub for both industry and entertainment. 

The history of Honley

Honley is a large village that sits between Huddersfield Town centre and Holmfirth. It’s home to some of Huddersfield’s most famous manufacturers, such as Distinctive Chesterfields and Burton Safes, and popular restaurants, which are gaining the village a lot of attention within neighbouring villages and beyond. With stunning Victorian architecture, annual festivals and a host of innovative bistros, it’s certainly worth a visit. 

Food and Drink Honley

Honley is quickly gaining popularity for its innovative modern restaurants, as it features an art gallery cafe, a tapas restaurant, an expertly run Cantonese restaurant, wonderful curry and plenty of traditional English grub. 

There’s something for everyone in this hidden gem of a location, and the best part is, all of these establishments are within walking distance of each other, with great Honley pubs strewn in and amongst them. 

Let’s shine a light of some of Honley’s best attractions and establishments:

Honley Show

Honley Show is a gala that’s been held in Honley for over 100 years, and it’s a true celebration of everything the area is known for. Many of Huddersfield’s villages held shows similar to this throughout history, and they were regarded as the highlight of the year for people back in the day. 

The agricultural celebration is now one of a kind, making it even more special for locals and those who travel miles to attend. It’s fun for all the family, with a range of animals to see up close and some beautiful local food and drink to enjoy.

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