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Acorn and pip

Acorn & Pip is a lifestyle brand that offers its cherished customers more than mere products. The brand is dedicated to crafting a playful retail experience deeply rooted in mindfulness and authenticity.

The brand’s founders believe that integrating playfulness into one’s life is integral to well-being—and this principle is approached with utmost seriousness. Acorn & Pip’s commitment lies in providing customers with a haven where they can find a sense of belonging, surrounded by meticulously curated items within an enchanting ambiance. The underlying belief is that each individual possesses the innate capacity to foster their own happiness, and the brand’s stores are envisioned as spaces where this journey of self-discovery can unfold naturally.

The brand’s perspective on mindfulness extends beyond the conventional notion of nature walks or prolonged meditation sessions. It embraces the idea that mindfulness can also be found in simple pleasures like indulging in a favourite book or savouring a cup of coffee. To this end, the store’s design facilitates relaxation, inviting patrons to unwind as they peruse through the product offerings, engage in conversations with friends, or steal a few moments of respite while little ones nap.

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