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Kirkburton is one of the most beautiful and spacious villages in Huddersfield, home to a variety of well-known establishments, including traditional and modern food and drink venues.

The village’s history goes back to at least the Iron Age, and remnants of its interesting past can be seen all over, including the All Hallows’ Church, which has stood for at least 8 centuries.  

There’s a lot going on in this up-and-coming village, with a huge range of classic pubs, modern bars and high-quality English cuisine. You can access Kirkburton easily via the main roads, and there’s plenty of parking. If you’re in the Huddersfield area or live nearby, the village is certainly worth a visit. 

“Kirkburton is my favourite village in Huddersfield, hands down. It’s one of the most well-kept areas and offers an abundance of things to do, hence why it’s such a sought-after location nowadays.”


The history of Kirkburton

Kirkburton’s history stretches back a long way, with historians believing the first settlements were established around the church during the Iron Age, with a Saxon fort having stood nearby. The local economy of the village was largely powered by the manufacture of woollen cloth, leather tanning and coal mining. Today, the Whitley Willows Textile facility operates as a water bottling plant, as high-quality groundwater is abundant in the area.


Food and drink Kirkburton

In recent years, Kirkburton is perhaps most famous for its amazing selection of great quality food and drink venues, from classically British settings like the Fox and Glove, to more innovative and modern establishments, like Harvey’s Bar and Kitchen.

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