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Holmfirth is a town of its own, but many feel like it’s part of Huddersfield because of the close proximity and the way the two seamlessly blend.

It’s a one-of-a-kind location that sits in the Pennine hills, comprising lots of traditional stone cottages and some interesting historic buildings, such as the Holmfirth parish church that was built almost 250 years ago. Unknown to many, some of the earliest filmmakers operated out of Holmfirth, and the town later became a filming location for the BBC’s popular sitcom Last of the Summer Wine.

Fans of the show still flock in their thousands to see famous settings from the show, and those who’ve never heard of it come to enjoy the town’s character and plentiful food and entertainment offerings.

“There’s no place in England quite like Holmfirth. Whether you’re after food, drink, scenic walks, history or arts, Holmfirth has it all.”

The history of Holmfirth

Up until 1941, Holmfirth was well-known for its wool trade, with many of the residents making a living from wool since the end of the 18th century. The beautiful rural town was home to around 60 active textiles mills at one point, employing hundreds of local men, women and children. Holmfirth has since become a centre for great food, picturesque landscapes and historical buildings. The town has always maintained its character, and even today it’s one of the best places to live or visit around the Huddersfield area.

Food and drink in Holmfirth

Holmfirth is a popular destination, drawing in people from across the country to see its landmarks, famous locations from popular TV shows, art galleries and museums. The town is perhaps most famous of all though, for its excellent food and drink scene.

Below, we shine a light on some of Holmfirth’s outstanding food and drinks venues.

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