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Huddersfield Town Centre

Huddersfield town centre is a wonderful blend of history, culture and cuisine nestled in the heart of the UK.

The town centre has something for everyone – from artisan coffee shops and quirky bars, to delicious eateries and stunning Victorian architecture. Huddersfield is also a booming student town, thanks to Huddersfield University attracting students from across the globe.

Throw in the Huddersfield Blueprint, an ambitious investment plan by Kirklees Council to transform and revitalise the town centre, and you’ve got a place that’s not only charming but also has a bright future. 


Scratching the surface of Huddersfield town centre, one discovers a rich historical fabric. The first parish church of Huddersfield was built about 1100, yet it remained a village till the late 18th century – until the Industrial Revolution shaped Huddersfield into the town you see today. A walk through the centre will take you past historic buildings such as the grand Huddersfield Train Station – a proud symbol of Victorian architecture and one of the top 15 globally renowned stations

There are plenty of grade II listed buildings in Huddersfield town centre too, including the Sir John Ramsden Building, built in the late 1700s. This is one of the oldest warehouses left standing in Britain and is now part of the University of Huddersfield. The town centre is also home to the Open Market, which was built around 1887 and housed the town’s wholesale market, which is still used to this day. 

You can find out more about Huddersfield’s history at the Tolson Museum, which is housed in another Grade II listed building called Ravensknowle Hall. Here you can find exhibits on local archaeology and the industrial history of the Huddersfield area, including the first road vehicles.

Art lovers can find out more about the town through the Huddersfield Art Gallery, home to popular exhibits and local work. The gallery is currently closed to the public as it’s undergoing renovations but will be open again upon completion.

Huddersfield Town Hall

As you wander through Huddersfield, you’ll find yourself drawn to the grand Huddersfield Town Hall. Built between 1875 and 1881, this spectacular Grade II listed building is a symbol of the town’s proud history and community spirit. Inside, you’ll find gorgeous, polished auditoriums perfect for all types of events, from conferences to weddings. 

Huddersfield Train Station

If you find yourself journeying into Huddersfield, chances are you’ll arrive at the prestigious Huddersfield Train Station. Not just a gateway to the town, this station has recently made headlines by being included in the top 15 train stations in the whole world. 

Lawrence Batley Theatre

Nestled in the centre of the town, this Victorian-era theatre brings local plays, independent films, comedy shows and dance productions to the community. The Lawrence Batley Theatre has an intimate and warm atmosphere, allowing for an immersive experience and bringing people a little closer to the performers and the arts.  

It’s also a registered charity and every year the theatre holds over 450 performances, community events, youth theatre programs and workshops – supporting local talent and cultivating a sense of community for Huddersfield creatives. 

Food In Huddersfield Town Centre

Huddersfield is home to plenty of eateries to choose from.

Arcade Coffee & Food offers a range of specialty coffee and brunch options, located in the grade II listed Byram Arcade – a unique shopping hub that’s home to artisan and independent designers. As well as grabbing a drink, Arcade hosts special themed evenings, with seasonal small plates and sharing options. 

Meson La Pepa, a local favourite, is known for serving up wonderful tapas that capture the essence of traditional Spanish cuisine. With a great atmosphere, fantastic food, and locally sourced ingredients, it’s definitely worth a visit. 

If you’re craving something a little different, Botafogo Bar & Grill won’t disappoint. Serving a selection of succulent meats at your table, take your pick of the finest cuts along with the Brazilian favourite: abacaxi grelhado (grilled pineapple). 

For a tasty lunch, check out Merrie England Coffee Shop, which has a selection of sandwiches and homemade cakes. Best of all, Merrie England has a few cafés dotted across Huddersfield town centre, so you’re never far from a quality sandwich and coffee. 

Drinks In Huddersfield Town Centre

Nestled in the lively centre of Huddersfield, you’ll find an array of cosy spots just waiting for you to kick back and enjoy your favourite drink. 

If you’re a craft beer aficionado, your first stop must be Brewdog. Just a stone’s throw away from the University, you’ll discover a haven of craft beers, awesome cans and mouth-watering wings – with a great selection of veggie and vegan options too. 

The Parish is renowned for its vibrant line-up of gigs and cultural events – all served with an enticing array of drinks to complete the party. Whether you’re looking for live entertainment or themed club nights, this is a fantastic pick for an evening in Huddersfield

Looking for something more laid back? Coffee Evolution should be your next destination. Beyond just coffee, this trendy café offers a warm and welcoming space to relax, chat, or catch up on some work. The first independent, speciality coffee shop to open its doors in Huddersfield, it’s no surprise the café is a top pick among locals. 

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