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Marsden is on the far end of Huddersfield, nearing the border of Greater Manchester. At the edge of the peak district, Marsden features sweeping hills, reservoirs, old textile mills, and an eloquent village full of life, it’s a great choice for a short getaway, to live, or for a day out.

Marsden has a real charm about it and a warmth that makes you feel at home. The large hills surrounding the village really do take your breath away and the people are welcoming and friendly.

There’s a real buzz about Marsden, from farmers working the fields, to new and exciting food and drink ventures. Whether you visit in the summer, or winter, this beautiful village will definitely open you up to the diverse nature of Huddersfield.

Don’t be surprised with the vast amount of sheep at Marsden. It’s a normal day when you see a sheep walking down the high-street, or slowing traffic down over the tops, on your way to Uppermill.

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