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Things To Do In Marsden

If you’re looking for something to do in Marsden, you’re in luck.

This large village has plenty to offer visitors, with countless walking trails, excellent food and drink and a range of evening entertainment options. Marsden Moor makes for endless adventures, with plenty of cafes, bars and pubs to replenish you back in the village centre.

Explore the longest, deepest tunnel in Britain, or if you’re looking for something a bit alternative, why not try a yoga class? If you’re lucky, Marsden’s famous jazz festival might be in full swing! Take a look at some of these interesting options:

Marsden Moor

An easy, return walk following the red waymarkers along the canal towpath through quiet winding lanes before reaching the historic Easter Gate bridge.

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Coffee And Yoga At Sass

Passion for health, wellbeing and mood-boosting environments, has influenced what Sass has created. Sass love food, coffee and feel-good movement, but more importantly they love people. The aim for Sass is to ensure that when you leave, you feel even better than when you arrived!

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Standedge Tunnel

Visit Standedge Tunnel and discover Britain’s longest, deepest and highest canal tunnel.

Have you ever stopped to think why the Huddersfield Narrow Canal engineers decided to tunnel in such an awkward place, how it helped to fuel canal mania and our industrial revolution, or what famous bit of slang it inspired that we still use today?

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Marsden Jazz Festival

Marden Jazz Festival

Thousands of visitors make the trip by train, bus, car or narrow boat to experience the unique atmosphere the festival brings to Marsden every year, and more than 60 volunteers give up their time to help make the weekend a success. Marsden Jazz Festival are proud to showcase a wide range of jazz musicians from internationally acclaimed artists to local school bands and rising talent.

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