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Raj Of India

This restaurant offers patrons a delightful dining experience and a place to relax following a leisurely stroll around Ashley Jackson Gallery.

Visitors who have an appreciation for Indian cuisine are encouraged to explore the offerings at Raaj of India, where they can savour impeccably prepared dishes such as chicken tikka, naan, and fish. Raaj of India also boasts a commendable selection of beers, complementing the meal. For those who enjoy coffee, the restaurant presents an opportunity to indulge in excellent brews.

One notable advantage of this establishment is its food delivery service, enhancing convenience for its customers. Raaj of India takes pride in providing a harmonious blend of delectable cuisine and attentive service, which forms the cornerstone of their dining experience. The dedicated staff at the restaurant places a high emphasis on delivering top-notch service. Moreover, guests frequently commend Raaj of India for its reasonable prices, making it an attractive dining option. The restaurant’s pleasant ambiance and welcoming decor contribute to a comfortable and inviting atmosphere that patrons are sure to appreciate.

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