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pocket clothing

Situated within Bates Mill in Huddersfield, pkt HQ occupies a shared studio space, a remnant of the area’s rich textile history. Once a bustling spinning mill during the region’s textile heyday, the building has transformed into a haven for diverse artisans and innovators.

Each and every creation by pkt comes to life within this very studio. The ethos is one of eschewing mass production and external sourcing. Visitors are extended a warm invitation to explore the premises, where they can peruse samples, witness the meticulous garment-crafting in action, and gain insights into the intricacies of the production process. For those interested, arranging an appointment to experience this firsthand is as simple as reaching out.

pkt holds the belief that clothing should be treasured throughout its lifetime, rather than just momentarily adored. Consequently, there exists a passion for preserving the craftsmanship behind clothing creation and advocating for the mastery inherent in the procedure.

The entity named “pocket” is dedicated to dispelling the enigma that often shrouds the origins of clothing. It seeks to provide an understanding of the meticulous process involved in crafting garments. In order to foster enduring bonds with apparel, it becomes essential to establish a sense of involvement in the narrative of each garment. This narrative commences with forging a connection during the creation phase and gains depth and significance over time as it intertwines with personal experiences and memories.

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