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Longley Farm

Longley Farm

Longley Farm is an independent dairy based on the outskirts of Holmfirth. The business was established in 1948 by brothers Joseph and Edgar Dickinson. Their dedication to producing high-quality dairy products has remained at the heart of the business for over 75 years. Today Longley Farm proudly upholds their legacy across three continents, with sites in the UK, Australia, and Uruguay.

Renowned for their dairy expertise, Longley Farm crafts each product to perfection, guided by inherited wisdom. Their natural dairy products regularly receive recognition at shows such as the International Cheese and Dairy Awards and the Great Yorkshire Show.

Longley Farm is supplied with fresh milk from local family run dairy farms, including their farm in Barnsley: Tyers Hall Farm. Longley Farm believes that farming can coexist well with nature: the plants and hedges grown on the farm offer a food source and shelter for wildlife including the cows. Tyers Hall Farm recently received recognition from the Yorkshire Agricultural Society for conservation, and will be celebrating their 50th anniversary in June 2024.


Longley Farm’s Range of Products

Cottage Cheese

In 1973 Longley Farm was the first dairy in the UK to sell cottage cheese on a commercial scale. Their range includes: natural, pineapple, and chives with fat-free varieties. Cherished worldwide for its unique taste and texture, this famous product has many uses, typically enjoyed on top of a crispy jacket potato or as a protein-packed snack.


A large range of traditionally made yogurts can be found at Longley Farm. Their selection includes 13 fruit varieties with lush fruit pieces, Greek yogurt, natural yogurt, caramel, vanilla, and their best-seller hazelnut. They also have fat-free options like the gooseberry. All their yogurts contain live cultures with all natural ingredients making the yogurt thick and creamy.


Longley Farm started producing cream in 1954, and to this day continues to produce rich, indulgent creams, including: soured cream, crème fraiche, Jersey extra rich double cream, Jersey single cream, whipping cream, and double cream. Ideal for enhancing the flavours of seasonal fruits, sauces, and desserts.

Cream Cheese

Longley Farm’s cream cheese stands out for its creamy richness and subtle tang, perfect for spreading onto a bagel or as an ingredient in a luxury cheesecake.

Jersey Butter

Made from 100% pedigree Jersey milk, Longley Farm’s creamy butter is naturally yellow, with no colours, preservatives, or stabilisers. Its naturally high melting point makes it an ideal ingredient in biscuits and pastries.

A natural by-product of the churning process is their delicious buttermilk, low in fat and high in protein. The perfect base for a healthy smoothie or for making scones.


Click & Collect Service

Longley Farm’s convenient Click and Collect service makes it easier for the local people to collect high-quality dairy products fresh from the dairy. Browse their selection online, place your order, and collect your items from the refrigerated lockers after receiving your unique locker code.

Longley Farm is committed to supplying high-quality dairy products to the UK and beyond. If you would like more information, please visit their website.


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