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DG Scott Electrical Contractor

Unit 8 Leeds Road,
Mini Park

DG Scott is a highly successful electrical contractor based in Huddersfield, with nearly two decades of expertise. With a diverse portfolio of clients spanning across various sectors including hospitals, retail outlets, mining, universities, and water treatment services, DG Scott has established itself as a versatile and reliable commercial contractor.

Key Company Highlights:

  • Industry Experience: With nearly twenty years of experience, DG Scott brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project they undertake.
  • Sector Diversity: Their involvement in a wide array of sectors demonstrates their adaptability and ability to deliver exceptional results across different industries.
  • Partnership with Huddersfield Town: As a testament to their commitment to the local community, DG Scott sponsors Huddersfield Town, further securing their presence and dedication to the Huddersfield region.

As a company on the rise, DG Scott is one to watch in the commercial contracting landscape, continually pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations.

For high-quality electrical solutions backed by years of proven experience and a commitment to excellence, look no further than DG Scott.

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