“We believe Huddersfield has a perception problem,” Oli stated. “Many people associate it just with the town centre. But we want to tell you Huddersfield is so much more than you think. From independent eateries and quality places to stay to things to do, our town offers much more than meets the eye.”

(Photo from Huddersfield Unlimited)

The conference, which took place at the iconic John Smith Stadium, saw an impressive lineup of speakers representing various sectors and institutions. Key personnel from Kirklees Council, Huddersfield University, Network Rail, SMITH branding, Bam Construction, Paxman Coolers, Adventoris, and Radisson Hotels.

The consensus among these influential stakeholders was clear: Huddersfield is on the brink of a great change, and its image needs to be consistent with the vibrant and multifaceted reality of the town.

Members of the Kirklees Council emphasised the investments being made in infrastructure and public services. Representatives from Huddersfield University touched on the town’s growing reputation as an academic hub, while Network Rail discussed transportation developments that make Huddersfield more accessible than ever.

With companies like Bam Construction and Paxman Coolers representing the town’s industrial and technological growth, and Adventoris and Radisson Hotels showcasing its commercial and tourism potential, the message was evident. Huddersfield is not just a town centre. It’s a dynamic and evolving community with plenty to offer to residents and visitors alike.

The conference ended on a high note, with attendees and speakers alike looking forward to the bright future of Huddersfield. With organisations like huddersfield.org leading the way, there’s no doubt that Huddersfield’s best days are still ahead.