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Brindon Addy’s

J. Brindon Addy, Master Butchers and Graziers, offers fresh, local ingredients with unparalleled taste and texture, according to their commitment to providing the highest quality produce to customers.

They have established long-standing relationships with local farmers and suppliers who share their values and source locally whenever possible, demonstrating their dedication to Yorkshire food.

With years of experience in butchery, J. Brindon Addy ensures that their customers receive the most exquisite cuts of meat, matured in-house for optimal flavour. For example, their beef is matured for 21 days in a state-of-the-art maturation fridge on-site, resulting in a unique taste experience.

Apart from meat, J. Brindon Addy also produces their own pies, pasties, desserts, and other flavourful treats. Their food hall offers an array of carefully sourced items, including fish, vegetables, wines, spirits, condiments, preserves, and much more, reflecting the same level of care and commitment applied to their meat selection.

Fresh food items are available for takeaway – don’t miss out on their famous delicious sandwiches!

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