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The Dogs, poems by Michael Stewart

Explore ‘The Dogs’ with Michael Stewart: Author Talk and Readings

Immerse yourself in an evening with Michael Stewart as he takes you on a journey through his latest collection of poems, ‘The Dogs.’ Delve into the profound exploration of man’s relationship with his loyal companions, tracing their origin-myths and examining their significance in the world before being assimilated into human society, subject to notions of pure breeding and dysgenics.

‘The Dogs’ transcends mere tales of our furry friends; it serves as a reflection on the impact humans have had on the world and the consequences we’ve wrought upon ourselves. With a poignant blend of apocalyptic vision and analytical insight, Stewart’s work is both compassionate and chaotic, darkly comedic yet deadly serious, as aptly described by Steve Ely.

Join the discussion as ‘The Dogs’ envisions a future where dogs acquire the power of speech. Led by the nonviolent UnderDogs and the more radical DerUberHünd, the animals of the world unite to demand their rights.

Notable praise for ‘The Dogs’ includes Steve Ely’s description as “apocalyptic and analytical, compassionate and chaotic, darkly comedic – and deadly serious,” and Helen Mort’s acknowledgment that the poems are “exciting, exhilarating, moving, and profound.”

Michael Stewart, a versatile author with works ranging from poetry collections like ‘Couples’ to novels such as ‘Café Assassin,’ ‘Ill Will,’ and ‘King Crow’ (winner of the Guardian’s Not-the-Booker Award), will guide you through an evening of literary exploration. His diverse literary portfolio also includes a memoir, ‘Walking the Invisible,’ and two short story collections, ‘Mr Jolly’ and ‘Four Letter Words.’ As the mind behind the Brontë Stones project, Stewart has contributed to monumental stones inscribed with poems by esteemed writers like Kate Bush, Carol Ann Duffy, Jeannette Winterson, and Jackie Kay. Currently teaching Creative Writing at the University of Huddersfield, Stewart brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the discussion.

Don’t miss this captivating event! Doors and bar open at 7pm, with the talk commencing at 7:30pm.

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  • 22/02/2024
  • Marsden
  • Paid
  • Arts, Event
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