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Simon Yates of Touching the Void – My Mountain Life

Join Holmfirth Civic Hall for an extraordinary evening as they delve into the gripping journey of mountaineer Simon Yates.

In an unforgettable moment on Siula Grande in Peru back in June 1985, Simon faced a harrowing decision as he hung precariously on the mountainside with his injured partner, Joe Simpson. His choice to sever the rope between them proved pivotal for their survival, leading to an incredible tale chronicled in the renowned book ‘Touching The Void’, later adapted into a film and stage play, catapulting both climbers into the spotlight.

While this experience might have deterred many from mountaineering, Simon’s passion for exploration and climbing persevered. Even after more than 35 years, he remains an active and intrepid climber and guide, venturing to some of the most remote and challenging peaks across the globe. From the frozen expanses of the Arctic to the rugged terrains of Central Asia, Simon has left his mark on nearly every significant mountain range.

Embark on a captivating journey with Simon as he shares his tireless odyssey from that pivotal moment in Peru to his ventures in the world’s most isolated landscapes. Prepare to witness firsthand the drama, thrill, and splendour of modern alpinism through his witty storytelling, dry humour, and a captivating showcase of images and films from his incredible climbs.

“Simon’s talks are both entertaining and inspiring, leaving audiences captivated.”

Doors open at 6:30 pm with a bar available throughout the evening.

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  • 09/03/2024
  • Holmfirth
  • Paid
  • Event, Theatre
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