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Holmfirth Duckrace

The Holmfirth Annual Duck Race is a fun and exciting event that has been held every year for many years.

It is a quirky and unique event that attracts visitors from all over region who come to take part in this wacky and fun-filled celebration of the quirky and quaint town of Holmfirth.

The duck race is held on the River Holme, which runs through the heart of the town and is the main attraction of the event. Participants purchase plastic ducks, each one numbered and then compete in a race to the finish line. The first duck to cross the finish line wins a grand prize, with additional prizes given to the runners-up.

In addition to the duck race, there are a variety of other activities and events that take place throughout the day. There is a range of food stalls and street vendors selling delicious treats, while local musicians and performers provide entertainment and add to the festive atmosphere. Children can take part in various games and activities, and visitors can enjoy the scenic beauty of the surrounding countryside.

The Holmfirth Annual Duck Race is a beloved tradition for many local residents and visitors alike. It is a fun and entertaining event that brings the community together to celebrate their shared history and love for the town. Whether you’re a resident or just visiting for the day, the Holmfirth Annual Duck Race is a must-see event that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Location: Holmfirth Centre

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  • 02/07/2023
  • Holmfirth
  • Free
  • Event
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